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Xinhua news agency xinhua is directly deployed by the central party committee, sponsored by the central key news websites, the party and the state is important for online public opinion, is China's most influential Internet media and global influence Chinese web sites.As xinhua media all the main platform to spread news and information products...View the Official Website>>

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China was founded in 2000, is led by the state council information office, China WaiWenJu management of national key news websites.Created in 11 Chinese version in 10 languages 24 hours for the global release information, access to the user across more than 200 countries and regions, is a leading domestic and international well-known national...View the Official Website>>

China News Service

China news agency, hereinafter referred to as "China news", was founded in 1952, is one of only two news agencies in mainland China, is China's national foreign reports as the main business news agency, is the Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese and related foreign people as the main service object of international news agency.China news agency to open...View the Official Website>>

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